hi, my name is victoria, but you can call me vic, i guess. i'm a brazilian 14 year old who's addicted to the sims; as you can probably tell.don't be shy, you can message me whenever you want to chat. I'll also answer wcifs. hate/spam will be ignored.every once in a while i'll upload a posepack or sim. everything i put for up download on this blog, has a t.o.u and if you break my t.o.u, i'll have to put down that specific upload. if you need any help with posemaking, you can message me, but because i use blender, i won't be able to help you with milkshape. if you don't like the content of my blog, kindly unfollow. (^・ω・^ )


Random Model Poses

Hihi c:

Here’s some very simple model-like poses for your simmies.







My usual t.o.u. will be applied for these poses, please tag me if you use them!

Enjoy image

Pose List Compatible

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